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These links are for tools, software, and other things you might find useful on your computer. Most of these will apply to Windows computers. But we also support Macs and Tablets.
As we add more, we will try to categorize them for you.

Remember this mantra as you move through the web:
If You Are Not Looking For Help,
You Do Not Need Any!!!

Windows Clean-Up Routines - We used to put out a list of instructions for keeping your computer clean and free of ene4rgy sapping software. However recent versions of  Windows have made these instructions both too complex, and entire sections obsolete. Our current recommendation is that Windows users use some variation of the following tools:

Ccleaner ( this is a "crap" cleaner, removing temp files and other debris left by day to day computer use. This program is free, but they do have a version they will sell you it you prefer.

A Anti-Malware program, currently we use Malwarebytes Antimalware ( to clean up after internet pests. Again, this program is free, but they do have a version they will sell you it you prefer. For other options, please look at the Anti-Malware section below.

A good Antivirus program, for more information see the section below.

Antivirus Software - There are many fine antivirus products available for the commercial market, some of the best known, and therefore most recognizable vendors are Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, and AVG.
The website has compiled a
list of antivirus companies. It is by no means complete. but will give you short summaries of each company.

The following products are the ones that I use and recommend. These are my personal recommendations, and as such, I offer them to you.

AVG Antivirus
- This is the primary free antivirus package that I recommend for Home use. They also have a commercial product which is very good for businesses and other organizations. The first link to to their free product, the second to the commercial.

Anti-Malware Products - These are some of the tools I use to combat and control malicious software attacks. Remember that no software is a complete barrier. Your best offense (defense) that you have is being careful of the sites you visit, and the actions you allow on your computer. If you have questions, or your computer does, don't hesitate to call Tom at (704) 619-9643.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -
This is one of the best (currently) malware removal tools: www/

Brightfort's SpywareBlaster
- This software provides your browser with a list of known malware sites in order to prevent them from attacking your computer.

Spybot Search and Destroy - This software is both a scrubber and a cleanup tool. It has a strong history, and is still a fine weapon in the fight against computer bad guys.

- Another product which can run in the background to help protect you from the web.

Something to Remember

A computer is just a glorified pencil. Nothing has been done, nor is likely to be done, that was not done first with a pencil.

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