Affiliated Links
These links are to people we know, mostly customers, some friends. Check them out, maybe they might be useful.

The Echo Foundation  - Against Indifference
Evergreen Art & Plants 
 - Decor for Home, Office, or other Spaces

Minit Maids  - A Locally Owned and Operated Home Cleaning Service
HQ4 Baseball and Softball
 - Baseball & Softball Training and Practice Facility

Shain Gallery  - Fine Paintings and Sculptures for Art Lovers and Connoisseurs

Mint Hill Animal Hospital - Offering Veterinary Services to the Mint Hill Area. They also accept patients/clients from other parts of the area.
Mud Pie Monograms
- Monogramming and Personalized Gifts. Located in Stonecrest.

Wildlife Photography - One of our local veterinarians, Rick Beldegreen, has taken his cameras around the world and under the seas to produce some truly fantastic images.

Interesting Links
These links are to websites that we have found, some serious, and some just fun stuff.

Help Your - This is a site dedicated to matching neighbors' needs with their neighbors who are willing to help. Here is something which tells you a bit more, South Charlotte News article.

Habitat for Humanity - Charlotte Restore -
Habitat has been around for some time now, but you may not know about their store. Check out the website and the store:

The GRID - Goodwill is one of the best places to donate your used electronics.  They can refurbish and resell your donations, or they can break it up and dispose of it responsibly. They also have a store on Wilkinson Blvd. where you can find good reconditioned tech at reasonable prices. -
We've been in Charlotte for a long time, over 50 years, and I am still surprised at the local offerings I have never taken advantage of. One of my new customers is the new head of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. He told me about this website that they have. See what you've been missing

- The Internet Movie Database
And if your interested in Movies, here are some sites to locate showings of upcoming features:
Taylor Mali - A poet and a big fan of teachers and students. Check out his stuff on You-Tube as well.

Isaac Asimov on Creativity - Brilliant essay on the development of new ideas (1959)
From the MIT Technology Review

Nokero - Solar Powered Lighting - Providing Lighting in a Kerosene Lantern World

What It Is Like To Go To War - A Book By Karl Marlantes
Wall Street Journal Excerpt From The Book

Truth and The Internet

You can find anything on the Internet, some of it might even be true. Much of the web is dedicated to marketing, just like this site, and should be looked at as advertising. When something is presented as fact, remember to verify it from several reputable sources, and always watch out for echoing sites, where the same exact text appears over and over.

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