Service for Your Computer

At Computer House Calls, we don’t sell computers, parts, or any sort of hardware. Computer House Calls provides Service for your computer and Support for YOU. We try our best to provide the best computer support in the Charlotte area. We serve the entire Metrolina area. For those of you who are new to our region, that is the metro Charlotte area, and the 10 counties that surround it. We do not however limit you to those boundaries. Our policy since 1994 is to take calls from everyone, and to try to solve their computer problems, no matter where they are. If you live outside of our immediate area, give us a call anyway. We will and try to solve your tech problems, or guide you in the right direction. For a list of the areas we serve, please click here.

Support for You

At Computer House Calls, we believe that It Is Our Job to be frustrated by the computer. It is not yours. So sit back, move a way from the blasted machine, and Call Tom Hall at Computer House Calls.We focus on helping you, the computer user with all of your computing needs. Our priority is YOU; so when you have a computer question, call us first. If we can solve your problem, we will. If by some chance, you still need to call someone else, we will help you to know the questions to ask, and what they mean. All of our customers get free and unlimited telephone support. For some frequently asked questions, you can look at our FAQs page.

We are your Tech Support

We are here to meet your technical support needs, while striving to provide the utmost in customer service. Our forte is giving one-on-one computer help to individuals, both in-home and for small businesses. We do computer training and software instruction, troubleshoot computer problems, and install software and hardware. We don’t specialize in hardware or software. We work on the entire package.We can help you to resolve your computer needs, from specification to implementation. For a list of the computers, software and operating systems we support, please follow this link.

We Help Everyone

Our customers make up three groups, home computer users, and small businesses operating from homes, and small to midsize businesses in commercial locations. We provide computer consulting to meet all of your technical needs. Once again, if you have technical need, call and let us guide you. We charge by the hour, and do not take, or desire a commission on your eventual purchase. Whether you are buying a new piece of software, or your student needs a new PC for school, or you need new systems for your business, Computer House Calls is here to your computing needs. Here is a list of services we can provide.

Customer Service

Customer Service is our business. By taking care of our customers, we ensure that we will be here to solve your computer crises. Without YOU, we could sleep in all the time, and maybe even starve. YOU are the reason for the business, and the key to its, and our survival. We, that is the owners, and only employees, of Computer House Calls have been in Customer Service since 1968. We began our long battle fighting with computers in 1985 at a convenience store. This link is to the company that gave us that first challenge. This big struggle as glorified users included finding new ways for the computer to help people, on the job, at home, and in small business. We even designed software templates, which we sold all across the United States. In December 1994, Computer House Calls was born.

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