We charge $100 per hour.

We have a one hour minimum, and additional time is charged in half hours. We do not charge travel time, nor do we sell computers, parts, or outside services.

Our Hours

We Can Be Available  24/7
But we normally schedule five appointments per day, Monday through Saturday. The times are 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, and 8PM.  Other times are available, and are subject to your needs, and urgency.

While we try to book our appointments several days in advance, Emergencies are always our priority.

You Can Contact Us

By Email: tom@chc-clt.com
While you can give us a lot of information about your problem in an email, We only check it late in the evening. This means we may not be able to give you the most timely or clear response. Please put your phone number, so that we can call and discuss your message in real time. Please do not try to schedule appointments by email.

By Phone: 704-549-4334

This number is usually answered by the answering machine, and it will be glad to take your message. Please be sure and leave both your name and number, as well as a short description of your problem. One of us will try to return your call within the day. We do not return phone calls after 9 pm.

In An Emergency: 704-619-9643

If you really need to talk to someone NOW, or if your problem has reached critical proportions, do not hesitate to call Tom on his cell phone at the number above. Tom's cell phone does not take messages, instead, it stores your Caller ID for quicker response.


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