Who I Am

Just a short introduction.

I am Tom Hall, and my business is taking care of my customers and their computer needs. On these pages, I will discuss issues that I believe my customers and other computer users will find interesting or useful. Some of these entries may find their way onto my regular website. Others may be of lesser importance or shorter duration.

I tell my customers that I don’t like technology, and that I would rather deal with people. I know that this makes me a little different from many computer techs. I therefore do not tout the latest and the greatest computer innovations. In fact, one of my customers pointed out that I don’t like anything. He may be right.

Feel free to comment on what I write. I don’t take criticism well, so this will be an exercise in humility. I certainly need that. I will only remove comments with no relevance or those with excessive bad language (you may prefer to be edited rather than deleted, please let me know.)


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