Are You Still In Business? Absolutely – Positively!!!

Every once in a while, I get a call from a customer asking if I am still doing Computer House Calls. Or someone else will check to see if I am accepting new customers. The answer is always a resounding YES!

 I do not always hear from my customers on a truly regular basis. Some of you even are able to do without me for really long stretches at a time. But I am in this for the long haul. December will mark the nineteenth year of coming to you, and helping make your computers behave. I do not want to even think of retiring for another twenty.

 Many people dislike their jobs. I am not one of them. One of my patented comments for years has been that “Computers are Boring, but People Aren’t.” And they are not! I talk to customers about who they are, what they do, and what they’ve seen. I have worked with everyone, and anybody, and they all have lived unique lives.

 My oldest customer who will be 99 this month, and I have known him for 16 years, since he was just a kid of 83. The youngest was an 8 year old, and she’s a sophomore in college today. I brush shoulders with the Everyman, and I have customers who have worked with Presidents. The stories I hear, and the people I meet, are part and parcel of what I do, and most importantly why.

 My customers are MY PEOPLE. It is my job to take care of their computer needs. But I also believe that it is my job to care about them. Whether they need help with something specific, or just need something looked at that they don’t understand, I’ll be there. If it seems out of my area, I still will try to provide an answer. I hope I can be of service, and if not, at least of some use.

 I started out in this business believing that I was collecting customers. What those customers have taught me is that I am also collecting friends.

 Am I still doing Computer House Calls? You bet! I am waiting for your call right now.  I look forward to talking to you soon.

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7 Responses to Are You Still In Business? Absolutely – Positively!!!

  1. Georgianne Jenkins says:

    Good to hear from you We are one of those you don’t see often but depend on your help..

  2. Roxane Javid says:

    Tom you’re the best. If I could teleport you to Tempe Az where I now live, I would. I so enjoyed the 14 years you helped me with my computer and also enjoyed getting to know you. A visit from you was like a visit from a friend—a talented, brilliant friend who is a guru for all things computer! You are probably one of the most patient people I know—-I think of all the times that you talked me through computer problems on the phone and saved me stress, time and money. I learned so much from you about troubleshooting during the visits you made to my house. You deliver such a valuable service and I wish you continued success! Hope you and your wife are doing well. Roxane

  3. Michaele Ballard says:

    I am another of those clients you don’t see often because you keep me in such good shape. But I can never, ever imagine not having you around when I do need you.
    Good to hear from you and hope all is well.

  4. Sandra Fordley says:

    You saved the day several times with my old desktop and now you’ve set up my new laptop which I’m really enjoying thanks to your recommendation. You always seem to be available when I have computer needs, whether on the phone or in person and
    I tell my friends you are my “computer guru!!” You have a much needed service for so many of us and I, for one, am grateful to know I can rely on you and the patience you
    exhibit when a problem arises. Glad to know you will be staying in business for a long time to come !!

  5. Sherrod (Mickey) Clarke says:

    Tom, I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the best. I can always depend on you to get me back in service. I like the way you can give a appointment time when we call and always on time when arriving. Glad that you are planning on being around for sometime. Thanks for advising me of your blog.

  6. David Gale says:

    Good Job!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brenda Walker Hellstrand says:

    Dear Tom, You are the Doctor Dolittle of Data…I will be forever grateful of your plethora of insightful information…Tom, you Rock!!! Thanks a Million, no make that two million. Sincerely,
    Brenda and George Hellstrand

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